You Are Here

About 2-3 months ago a special loved one recommended that I read a book called You Are Here by Thich Nhat Hanh, of course I am sure many of you know who this is, I will admit I did not until this book was introduced to me. There is so much that I have taken… More You Are Here

Have you felt Thai Massage

One of the most relaxing, meditative and rejuvinating massages you may ever experience, Thai Massage. It is with great accomplishment that I have completed a Thai Massage program with Still Light Centre, many hours of practice and still practicing. I’ve practiced within yoga studios, people’s homes and during retreats, now it is your turn. Please contact… More Have you felt Thai Massage

Thai Massage Practice

I am very close to finishing my basic training in Thai Massage, a few more requirements left, my final exam and then let the continued learning, practicing and giving massage being. My training is taking place at Still Light Centre with Shai, amazing teachings to say the least. Read more about Still Light Centre here.… More Thai Massage Practice